Where can I get best Intraday trading tips in India?

Intraday tips for Indian stock market:

The name “intraday trading” refers to a practice where a stock trader opens and closes a position in a security in the same trading day. This can be buying and selling to capitalize on a potential rise in a security’s value or shorting and covering the short to capitalize on a potential drop in value. Intraday traders capitalize on small moves in the value of a security by using “leverage” or “margin”, which basically means borrowing money.

It is not necessary that you will get totally guaranteed returns in Intraday trading. Sometimes it may become riskier to trade in Intraday. One can make a loss if he has less knowledge about Intraday trading or . Intraday traders participate in rapidly changing market conditions and keep looks for the best opportunities.

There are some key points one should take into consideration while trading in Intraday.

1. Analyze the price movements and volatility of a particular stock in which you want to do Intraday trade. By analyzing price, high, lows and previous close traders can better determine when to take entry and exit.

2. Be an aggressive trader – means stay active in the live market while doing Intraday trade. And build the ability to take necessary actions with the market movements and conditions.

3. Intraday trading carries more risk than investing in stocks. Traders should be willing to take a risk about their capital in Intraday trading.

4. Always trade with a stop loss in Intraday as it is risky than any other trade. And also place trailing stop loss in profit so that trader can at least book some profit by the end of the day.

5. Try to book minor profit and be satisfied. Sometimes to accumulate more profit traders miss the minor profits too and which may further lead to a loss.

6. Avoid to trade in stocks who are in news. Stocks in the news can give unexpected movements which can wipe out one’s capital.

These are some major key points traders should keep in mind while doing Intraday trades, doesn’t matter from where one getting Intraday calls. Always try to do safe trades and secure your capital.

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