What are FII based calls or Operator base calls?

100% Sureshot operator base calls

What are FII based calls or Operator base calls?

About FII based calls:

There is a perception in market that FII based calls exist and people provides FII based calls or tips in share market. We have seen many people searching for FII based calls or DII based calls or sometimes Fund operator calls too. We want to tell you that those who are claiming to provide the same are just bluffing you because there is no such things like FII based calls. These kinds of words exist because people want something different. They think that some people provide calls directly from operators or FIIs. We have also seen many people saying they are getting calls from Dubai or Singapore. These things are nothing but to cheat people or take money. Once you see live results, you realize that you have been cheated.

About Operator based calls:

We have also seen many people searching for operator based calls or real operator base tips. Some tips providers claim that they provide genuine operator based calls or fund operator calls but once you practically try that you get idea that these trades are nothing but typical technical calls which don’t even have stoploss.

Operator based options tips:

If you search in Google about operator based tips provider, you will get many tips provider who claims that they provide FII based calls or Operator based tips in options segment. You may see many advertising messages also like invest only small amount and earn in lacs of rupees in options. This kind of lucrative schemes just erode your capital and charges you have paid. We advise to traders that never believe on such kind of things because options is a segment which is purely based on premiums and buying selling of fund houses. We also provide genuine options tips mostly in intraday and it performs really well but we never claim like it’s based on any FII activities or operator driven. Our recent trade in option was BankNifty 25500 CE of today’s expiry which we gave buy at 20 and booked at 70 which is more than 200% return but we never claim that our trades are operator based trades and it has connections with FIIs, DIIs, Fund houses or any kind of Fund operators.

Our view on FII based calls or Operator based tips:

As per our 11 years’ experience in market, we only know one thing that market performs on fundamentals and technical. FIIs and DIIs exists but nobody provides genuine information about any fund houses trading so never believe anyone who claims to provide this kind of information. If you want to earn consistently, you have to learn everything about market. Fundamentals works in long term and technical works in short term. We combine both of them and provide best results which none of operator based calls can give. Our advanced research base trades are none other than operator base trades. Our regular clients tell us many times that our trades are performing far better than any service provider who claims that they provide operator based calls or FII based calls.

Intraday tips or positional tips perform best with techniques. Our team has developed certain strategies which are giving great results and traders feels like they are getting operator base services. We check many parameters before selecting stock and giving any recommendations in that. Our recently Arvind Ltd buy trade at 442 booked at 475 today in less than a week. Profit is more than 66,000 per lot. We also recommended NMDC last month when it was 125, We gave target of 150 which reached 160 now. So we have hundreds of example like this which really proves that our trades are provided with calculative risk, well defined, well analyzed and performs like they are operator based calls or FII based calls.

We never promote or introduce ourselves as operators or fund operators because it breaks your trust and spoil our relationship. We don’t build any relationship with any client on the basis of false commitments.

Truth about Genuine Operator based tips and FII based calls:

As we mentioned above, if anyone claims to give you Fund operator calls, FII based calls or Real Operator based calls, just be careful and don’t pay anything upfront because you will see many cheaters in market who just want to take money from you by different names. Just follow SEBI registered Investment advisors only who never commit to providing Operator based tips or FII based calls. There is complete risk in following strangers who you found on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram or any other social medium.