How to deal with the impact of brexit on your stocks?

Indian stock markets ascended to near 2016 highs ahead of Brexit referendum on Friday. Opinion polls taken before the vote suggest the outcome is far too close for prediction, but some analysts are betting that Britain will remain with the European Union.
If Brexit becomes a reality, the repercussions on Indian market are unlikely to be large in magnitude, except some companies that have significant exposure to the European Union. The markets will go into risk-off mode for some time, and money will move out of riskier assets to safer ones. Foreign portfolio investor flows will also get impacted, and Indian equity market may drop by 2-3 per cent, but investors should use the opportunities to accumulate or buy shares on decline, said investment man ..

Major Stocks To Focus on (Brexit Impact)
Tata Motors:
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) derives 24 per cent sales volumes, and 35-40 per cent component supplies from Europe. Britain’s exit from the EU would make JLR cars expensive compared to other luxury cars makers

Tata Steel:

About 12 per cent volume from Corus is exported from Britain to the EU, which might face higher import tariffs with Brexit. Steel demand will also get impacted.


Almost 9 per cent of consolidated revenues is generated from the Eurozone. Brexit can trigger risk-off trades which may be negative for the stock.

Motherson Sumi: Around 60 per cent of consolidated revenues come from the European Union. The risk of an economic slowdown will be negative for revenues.

Bharat Forge: Nearly 30 per cent of consolidated revenues is derived from the EU region. Product demand will come under pressure on Brexit.

IT Sector: A slowdown in the EU can hurt prospects of Indian IT fi rms such as TCS, Infosys, HCL Tech as they derive 25-30 per cent of revenues from the Eurozone.