How Modi plans to use 2.9 lakh common service centres to take banking to every villager’s home

With an aim to take banking near every villager’s home, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal proposed to open extended banking counters across all 2.9 lakh common service centres (CSCs). “We are ready to make all 2,90,000 CSCs as banking correspondents, and for this our only condition is honesty because banking only works on honesty,” PTI reported citing Piyush Goyal. He was speaking at the launch of 5,000 WiFi choupals at CSCs in partnership with the Department of Telecommunications.

“My dream will come true if you accept the challenge to open extension counters of banks in 2.9 lakh places. If required we can collaborate with renewable and power ministry to set-up small solar units at your places so that electricity becomes free,” PTI reported citing Piyush Goyal. The common service centres are generally operated by village level entrepreneurs to provide government services in rural areas. “Along with these, we can connect with core banking. If an extension counter of a bank is opened, then every villager will have a bank near his/her home,” Goyal added.

Meanwhile on Monday, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that the Indian Railways would offer ‘blocks’ for maintenance in a scheduled manner so that repairs are undertaken without affecting running of trains. Ruling out privatisation, PTI reported citing Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said that the core activity of railways such as train operations, signalling, etc and said “neither there are any such proposals nor the government has any such plan”.

A ‘block’ is a time frame required to carry out repair work during which a section of tracks needs to be cleared and no train should be allowed to cross at that time. “This may require changes in the existing passenger trains’ time table,” Goyal said while addressing reporters to highlight the achievements of the transporter during the four-year tenure of the NDA government.

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